Hand Crafted Wooden Paddles

Wood is by far the most popular material for canoe paddles, and it's becoming more and more popular for Kayak paddles as well. Wood transmits the feel of the water well, and it flexes slightly to absorb shock. Wooden paddles also retain warmth, so that hands stay comfortable in cold conditions.

Many of our wood paddles feature wood laminates that include both hard woods and soft woods. This combination results in reduced weight and increased durability and strength.

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Custom Paddles - Handcrafted Just For You

Wood Paddles have evolved a lot during the last few years with improved production techniques. The Haliburton Forest Paddle Shop is proud to offer one of the largest choices of wooden paddles to create the best and most suitable custom canoe or kayak paddle for you.

Each wood paddle is hand crafted in our state-of-the-art paddle shop using woods grown at our sustainably managed forest.

This website offers you the ability to click together a custom wood canoe paddle based on a variety of choices. And we even go beyond that: If you have your own idea what your blade or grip should look like, you can send us your designs and we can produce your very personal custom paddle. 

Wooden Canoe Paddles

To create your custom wood canoe paddle you can choose the grip, length, blade style, wood type and even add engravings. Below are some examples of canoe paddle grips and wood choices. 

Standard Grip

Voyageur Grip

Slender Grip

Woodsman Grip

standard wood paddle grip beech wood

Voyageur wood paddle grip

Slender wood paddle grip

Woodsman wood paddle grip

The images below show only a small selection of the beautiful woods we have available to build the most amazing wood canoe paddle:


Ash & Thermally Treated Wood

Birdseye & Thermally Treated Wood

Maple Light Birds Eye


Beech wood

Ash & Thermally Treated Wood

Birdseye & Thermally Treated Wood

Maple Light Birds Eye

Birch Wood

Wooden Kayak Paddles

Many kayak suppliers only provide plastic, fibreglass or other synthetic paddles. These materials are not sustainable, and many of these kayak paddles are mass produced in Asia.
Our wooden kayak paddles are made of sustainable wood, they are unique, personal, and provide excellent abilities. The most popular wooden kayak paddles are Greenland paddles, and some people prefer a variation of the Greenland paddle, the Aleut paddle.
The Haliburton Forest paddle shop can offer these different styles of wooden kayak paddles. You can customize your wood kayak paddle by choosing the blade length, loom length, tip style and of course the type of wood.
While there are quite a few manufacturers for Greenland paddles now in North America, nobody can provide the huge variety of specialty woods like Haliburton Forest.
Our wooden kayak paddles are not yet available through the build-your-paddle-process on this website. Please contact us with your requirements, and we will send you a custom quote.

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